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Enrichment Courses

Spanish and Mandarin Foreign Language Program

All families participate in either the Spanish or Mandarin Foreign Language Programs at Holy Name School. All students in K-4th Grades receive foreign language enrichment twice a week for 30 minutes a class and 5th-8th grade students receive instruction once per week for 50 minutes. The goal of the program is to introduce students to another language and culture. Basic vocabulary and conjugation rules are taught. Students are introduced to reading, writing, and speaking in another language.


All students participate in art class with our dedicated art teacher in our stimulating and inspirational art room. Students are taught art appreciation and are encouraged to explore their artistic sides in a variety of mediums. A multitude of media such as clay, wire, acrylic paints, pastels, water color, and fabric are used to create projects. The artwork of students is showcased throughout the year in classrooms, hallways, and at special events.


The music program provides opportunities for all K-8 students to create and participate in musical experiences through voice and instrument. Students study singing, music theory and music appreciation with our dedicated music teacher in our music room. Students have access to instruments and are exposed to a wide variety of music, including liturgical, patriotic, modern, and classical.

Physical Education

Physical Education is directed towards helping students become healthy and active citizens. Students are involved in a variety of age-appropriate activities. The goal is to provide a life-long fitness framework of activities that will help to develop the whole child.

Computers and Technology

Students in grades K-8 participate in weekly computer technology class. Students are introduced to a variety of skills including keyboarding, how to use Microsoft Suites, and coding. 5th-8th grade students are issued a school hosted Chromebook to use throughout the day and at home. Please see the Science and Technology Page for more information.


Students in grades K-5 are able to enjoy library time each week. Students work with the school librarian to learn how to find and check out books that are interesting to them. Please go to our Library Page for more information.