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Our full-day kindergarten program is based on the standards put forth by the Department of Catholic Schools of the San Francisco Archdiocese. The guidelines follow California State Standards and are infused with Catholic teachings and traditions.

The students are led by one full-time kindergarten teacher and aide, and one part-time aide. Parents are welcomed to volunteer with many classroom events and daily work. The first part of the day includes language arts (listening center, reading and phonics) math and small group stations. Science, social studies and enrichment classes are included in the afternoon. Students attend physical education four times a week, computer technology and music two times a week, and art, library, and dance once a week.

Kindergartners actively participate in common Catholic practices including weekly Mass and celebrating liturgical holidays. Students have the opportunity to exercise Christian values through several philanthropic activities throughout the year.

Students work in small group "stations" as much as possible. This gives the teachers the opportunity to work closely with the students in an environment that fosters individual development. Learning is hands-on and activity oriented. The classroom is colorful and inspiring, and the children take great pride in seeing their work displayed for all to see.

In kindergarten the children learn to be students and they learn what is expected of them while in school. They are always learning about procedures, developing behavior expectations and creating relationships among their peers and with the teachers. Classroom behavior is based on positive reinforcement.

One of the most special connections the kindergartner's make is their friendship with their fifth grade "buddy." Each kindergartner is paired with a fifth grader for the entire year. The buddies go to Mass together each Thursday and engage in fun activities throughout the year. Kindergartners are able to establish a strong bond with an older student and have a mentor to look up to. The buddies often remain good friends long after kindergarten ends.

Upon completion of the kindergarten program, these students are well prepared for first grade and have met the standard requirements for:

  • Reading
  • Listening/Speaking
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Science/Health
  • History/Social Studies
  • Religion
  • Fine Arts: Music/Dance/Structural Art/Theater
  • Physical Education
  • Computer Technology