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Intermediate Grades

Grades 3, 4 and 5

Holy Name’s Intermediate grade students have a daily core curriculum that includes language arts, math, religion, science and social studies. All students receive enrichment classes that include physical education, music, art, foreign language and computer technology. Intermediate students participate in a variety of hands-on projects in all core subjects. We actively teach our school’s student wide learning expectations (Christ-Like, Resourceful, Scholarly, Outstanding Citizen, & Self-Respecting) through all subject curriculums, and as stated in our mission statement.

Third Grade: Students in third grade learn a variety of subjects including math, English language arts, science, social studies, and religion that help them grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Each class is done with differentiated instructions whether it be partnered, small and large groups, or individual. Students concentrate specifically on vocabulary for each class and do intensive research using technology. In math, they focus on multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction, as well as fractions, geometry, measurement and using STMath online. ELA involves vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills such as persuasive or narrative essays and reading comprehension skills and strategies like author’s purpose, cause & effect, inference, main idea & details, summaries, text structure, literary elements, questioning, and compare/contrast, using Lexia online, as well as mastering cursive strokes, slant, size and letter shape in handwriting. In science, third graders study STEAM topics and projects such as plants and animals for Life science; magnetism, balance of forces, climate and weather for Earth science. Social studies include learning about communities, geography, cultures, history, citizenship, and Native Americans. Religion will include the 7 Sacraments, 10 Commandments, the Saints, Apostles’ Creed, the Stations of the Cross, Mother Mary and the Liturgical Calendar. Additionally, third graders participate in school Masses, physical education, art, music, and foreign language as in Spanish or Chinese, and technology classes. Students also have opportunities to go on field trips such as the Planetarium, Botanical Gardens, and various others that connect to our curriculum.
Fourth Grade: Students in 4th grade expand their horizons in a variety of ways, including making connections between classroom content and their own lives and other stories they’ve read as well as learning more ways to be considerate of others around them. The history curriculum focuses on California history in 4th grade, and this culminates in an overnight field trip to Gold Country where they learn what the life of a gold miner was like and engage in hands-on activities such as role playing, gold panning, and ditch hiking. 4th graders also learn skills to help themselves work more independently in preparation for 5th grade and the years ahead.
Fifth Grade: Students become big "Buddies" to the incoming kindergartners. During the entire school year, the buddies will mentor the younger students in class work, religious ceremonies, and holiday celebrations. They build a bond of trust and friendship that often continues past their years at Holy Name School. Students spend the year preparing for junior high. They work on their organizational skills, transitions and building trustful relationships with their peers. Fifth grade students spend time learning about a variety of content and concepts in each of the core subjects. For ELA they spend time focusing on comprehension skills, as well as thinking critically. Math centers around perfecting their computation skills so they can build a firm foundation for multi-digit multiplication, decimals, fractions, and conversions. For History the students get to learn about the United States history with project based learning. Religion focuses on many concepts, such as: seven sacraments, order of a mass, liturgical seasons, and much more.

Advanced Math (4th and 5th Grade): While still aligned with the 4th and 5th grade standards, in Advanced Math we take a deeper dive into the more complex questions in the curriculum. We put an emphasis on problem solving strategies and multiple ways to solve problems. We also do a lot of word problems: with an emphasis on understanding the problem, setting up a strategy and being sure to answer the question(s) being asked in a way that shows a deep understanding.

The Fourth and Fifth graders have the opportunity to participate in the Walk-Through history experience. This experience allows students to actively participate in a lively retelling of our nation’s beginnings. Through the use of games, music, and storytelling, history will come alive with this wonderful addition to our curriculum. The Fourth grade gets to recreate the Gold Rush, while the Fifth Grade recreates the American Revolution. The balance of personal growth and achievement they learn in these years prepares our intermediate students for success in Jr. High.