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Where Are They Now?

Each year Holy Name students are accepted to private and public schools throughout the Bay Area including

  • St Ignatius,
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral,
  • Lowell,
  • Lick- Wilmerding,
  • Mercy San Francisco,
  • Riordan,
  • Stuart Hall,
  • Lincoln,
  • Balboa,
  • Mercy Burlingame, and
  • Serra High School.


I wanted to check in with you and let me know how things are going in my life currently. I went to SHC after graduating in 2019 up until this last September. I felt a vocational calling to join the seminary and as a result, I was sent to the Redemptorist Mater Seminary in Newark, New Jersey in the formation to become a priest. At SHC, all the literature and vocabulary classes were very smooth, because of what you taught us in ELA-C. This even translated here to the seminary where I just read "The Raven" again after 4 years and immediately thought of your class and what you taught me about it, and surprisingly, I was able to retain some of what you taught me. So even to this day, thank you for everything you did for us as a class and me as a student. Feel free to reach out with anything you want to say or have questions about. Thanks and take care, Samuel May 19'

Congratulations to Raven Shaw, HN Class of 2019, Valedictorian for St. Ignatius College Preparatory