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Junior High

Grades 6, 7 and 8

The Junior High program is designed to prepare students for a successful high school experience. Our departmentalized program allows each instructor to teach in his or her area of strength. Junior High instructors are specialized in: math, history, science, language arts and religion. Students are assigned a homeroom teacher and rotate through the Junior High classrooms to attend their daily classes.

Designed to meet the needs of all students, the Jr. High math program includes advanced classes for highly capable students who need to be challenged, as well as help for students requiring extra assistance. Our math program offers classes in 6th grade math, pre-algebra, algebra and advanced algebra.

Science is taught in our classroom with collaborative exploration and mini-labs and for larger projects, inside our school's science lab. The Laboratory is outfitted with the newest laboratory equipment including a SmartBoard. Each student utilizes an Chromebook to access Amplify's interactive textbook. Science provides our students with innovated and creative opportunities that drive life-long learning. Courses in Jr. High include earth sciences, biological sciences, physical and chemical sciences and astronomy. Our science program ensures powerful instructional programs that enhance the way our students learn.

In addition to Junior High core subjects, students also have a wide variety of electives from which to choose. Electives are carefully crafted to offer new and exciting ways to meet student needs and provide enrichment. Opportunities include the Speech Team, Math Counts Competition, school and local Science Fairs, Yearbook Committee, Safety Patrol, Sports, Cheerleading, Altar Serving and Student Government. The role of Student Council is to be the voice of Holy Name School students, to promote school spirit, and to support student service and give back to the school. Student Government members are elected by the student body each year.

Advanced Math (6th-8th Grade): Starting in 6th grade, students in Advanced Math are exposed to above grade level content. Students engage in a rigorous curriculum that challenges students to think critically and apply problem solving skills in a variety of ways and across a variety of types of problems.

The curriculum also helps prepare them to be a grade level above their peers each year. Therefore, by taking Algebra I in the 8th grade class, they have the ability to bypass Algebra I in high school and can start more advanced classes earlier on.

Service is an integral part of our Junior High program at Holy Name School. By helping at the school and parish, in our neighborhood, and in the greater community, students begin to learn the value of stewardship. Service helps them become faith-filled people and gives students the opportunity to demonstrate compassion, consideration, and respect for others. It also helps our students celebrate, understand, and apply our Gospel values. Both sixth grade and eighth grade students support their community by volunteering at the San Francisco Food Bank. Sixth grade students help to organize our annual coat drive for the homeless and poor. In seventh grade, the students participate in a five-day environmental education program. Students form relationship building skills, develop their relationship with God, learn the importance of stewardship and appreciation for our environment and all its people. This kind of service continues through the Jr. High program and requires that all eighth grade students volunteer 20 service hours in their local community and experience the rewards of helping others. The sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated in the eighth grade.

Our goal is that the graduating students of Holy Name School will exhibit Christian values, make responsible decisions, respect diversity, take responsibility for their decisions and apply the academic education they have secured to move forward in their pursuit of higher education and a life balanced with personal growth, achievement and stewardship.