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Director's Update

August 12, 2023

Dear Holy Name Preschool Families, The staff and I are so excited to begin the new school year with you and your children! image.png

We have been at the school all week getting the classes ready for our first day of school on Monday, August 14th. We can't wait to meet and greet your children! Monday and Tuesday, August 14th and 15th, parking will be easy as Holy Name Elementary School is starting on Wednesday, August 16th. We hope you will join the Parent Committee for coffee in the Flanagan Center on Monday and Tuesday mornings. On Wednesday, August 16th, the elementary school has a 10:00 am dismissal and most parents will park their cars and stay until 10:00 am. Thus, parking will be difficult, so please plan accordingly. The elementary school's traffic patrol begins at 7:45 am and ends at 8:15 am. This time period is very busy and there is a lot of traffic!

This year, our Red Fish teachers will be Ms. Paula and Ms. Francesca. Our Yellow Fish teachers will be Ms. Nicole, Ms. Bernadette, Mr. Bryan, and Ms. Janelle. Our Blue Fish Teachers will be Ms. Makinna, Mr. Joe and Ms. Pamela. Our aides are Ms. Anna and Ms. Janice. Your child's teachers have sent you an email this week asking you to join Classdojo. This is an app that enables you to receive daily class photos and news. You may correspond with the teachers as well through this app. Please accept the invitation at your earliest convenience. If you did not receive an invitation, please inform me asap.

Here are some immediate reminders:

  • Please conduct a health screening (checking your child's temperature and her/his overall well-being) of your child before arriving at school. Please do not bring your child in if she/he has a fever, and/or has vomited within the last 24 hours.
  • Apply sunscreen on your child.
  • Bring two changes of clothing and an extra pair of shoes. The extra clothes can be regular clothes and not our uniform.
  • Bring a water bottle-labeled.
  • Bring a SMALL blanket-labeled for nappers. Take home every Friday to wash.
  • Bring Licensing paperwork if you have not done so. We need the forms!
  • Our hours are 7:15 am-5:55 pm Do not park in the White Zone in the mornings!
  • You or a guardian must sign-in and sign-out your child every day.
  • Breakfast is not served, but your child may bring in their breakfast to eat before 8:00 am (no nuts, please!)


Alice & the Staff

Alice Ho Seher, M.A.Director

Holy Name Preschool