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Director's Update

August 22, 2022

Dear HNP Families,

Thank you for making our first week of school such a successful one! Though there were some tears, the students and staff finished the week with many smiles on everyone's faces. Thank you parents for signing onto Classdojo! With this app, the teachers are able to communicate with you on a daily basis as needed. In addition, photos and videos can be shared. If you haven't signed onto Classdojo or have questions, please don't hesitate to ask your student's teachers.

This week, the elementary school begins their semester. This will mean that parking will be limited this Monday, August, 22nd. The students, along with their parents, are to arrive at the school by 8:00 am. There is an Orientation Meeting in the gym, so most parents will remain until 10:00 am when the elementary school is dismissed. Therefore, we suggest that our preschool students arrive by 7:45 am or after 8:15 am. Finding parking will be difficult, so please adjust your schedule accordingly.

As for the rest of the week, the elementary school will start their travel patrol beginning at 7:40 am and ending at 8:10 am. Please do not park in the white zone during these times! This is where the cars line up and the travel patrol assists the children out. At the preschool, students must be signed in by a guardian, so please do not drive into this line. Please abide by all traffic rules and do not jaywalk. Thank you!

This Friday, we will have our Back to School Night! We look forward to seeing you! Please meet in your child's classrooms and learn about our staff and the activities your children will participate in this fall. Afterwards, you will meet our Parent Committee and then meet and greet with fellow preschool parents. This evening is for adults only. Thank you for your understanding.

Lastly, on Monday, August 29th, the preschoolers will have their photos taken by Still Light Photos. This is the same company that the elementary school is using. The preschoolers will have their photos taken from 8:45-10:00 am. Please have your child dressed in thier uniform. Photo packages will follow afterwards digitally. You are not obligated to purchase the packages.

The staff and I look forward to Week Two and with your support, we hope to have an exciting and fun one!

Looking ahead:

  • Friday, August 26th-Back to School Night! 6-7 pm Parents only please!
  • Monday, August 29th-PHOTO DAY! Please have your child dressed in full-uniform. Photos will be taken from 8:45-10:00 am.
  • Tuesday, August 30th-Play Ball begins! Movement program for all classrooms this week.
  • Friday, Sept. 2nd-Preschool -8th Grade-Professional Dev. Day-Preschool closed.
  • Monday, Sept. 5th-Labor Day-Preschool closed.
  • Sat. Preschool 10th Anniversary Celebration! 3-6 pm
  • Sunday, Sept. 18th-Back to School Mass-9:30 am-all are welcome! International Food Faire afterwards in the gym.
  • Here is our current Preschool Calendar-we will update you of any changes


Alice & the Staff

August 15, 2022

Dear HNP Families,

The staff and I are so excited to begin the new school year with you and your children! We have been at the school all week getting the classes ready for our first day of school on August 15th. We can't wait to meet and greet your children! The elementary school is not starting until next week, August 22nd, so for the time-being, parking will be easy!

I have attached our preschool roster by days. Please peruse and advise me if there are any changes. The Red Fish teachers will be Ms. Paula and Mr. Bryan. The Yellow Fish (formally RF-B) teachers will be Ms. Francesca, Ms. Marilu, Ms. Nicole and Ms. Pam. Lastly, the Blue Fish teachers are Mr. Joe, Ms. Lucy and Ms. Makinna. Our aides will be Ms. Bernadette and Ms. Janice. Please learn more about our excellent staff-Preschool Staff.

Your child's teachers will be sending you an email this week asking you to join Classdojo. It is an app that enables you to receive daily class photos and news. Please accept the invitation at your earliest convenience.

Here are some immediate reminders:

  • Please conduct a health screening (checking your child's temperature and her/his overall well-being) of your child before arriving at school. This is the latest guidelines regarding COVID Testing.
  • Apply sunscreen on your child.
  • We encourage your children to wear masks indoors. Please bring extra masks in a ziplock bag. (We also have some in the classroom)
  • Bring two changes of clothing.
  • Bring a water bottle-labeled.
  • Bring a SMALL blanket-labeled for nappers.
  • Bring Licensing paperwork if you have not done so.
  • Keypad code is "7382" (RETA)
  • Our hours are 7:15 am-5:55 pm
  • You or a guardian must sign-in and sign-out your child every day

Lastly, I have attached the August lunch menu. Every student receives her/his lunch served in a compostable tray. After lunch, the non-nappers-"lunch bunch"-will be brought outside for pick-up between 12:45-1:00 pm.

Looking ahead:

  • Monday, Aug. 15th-School resumes!
  • Monday, Aug. 15th & 16th-Coffee with the Parent Committee-8:00-9:00 am-Meet other parents! We encourage all new parents to drop off your child in the classrooms, say "good-by" and then proceed to the Flanagan Center to meet other preschool parents.
  • Sunday, August 21st 10-12 pm-Surfrider Beach Clean-up-Parent Committee News!
  • Friday, August 26th-Back to School Night! 6-7 pm Parents only please!
  • Sunday, Holy Name School & Parish Picnic-Mother's Meadow 11:00 am-1:00 pm-More info soon.
  • Friday, Sept. 2nd-Preschool -8th Grade-Professional Dev. Day-Preschool closed
  • Monday, Sept. 5th-Labor Day-Preschool closed.
  • Sat. Preschool 10th Anniversary Celebration! 3-6 pm
  • Here is our current Preschool Calendar-we will update you of any changes
Have a wonderful weekend! We look forward to meeting everyone on Monday!


Alice & the Staff

Alice Ho Seher, M.A.Director

Holy Name Preschool