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Altar Service & Eucharistic Ministry

Altar Service

Altar serving is a FULL YEAR commitment (minimum 1 weekend hour per month for 12 months) to the Holy Name Parish. Altar service is available for ALL students from 5th to 8th grades. Signups are offered in the fall and spring for students interested in this ministry for the Parish. Clergy recommendations that include altar service will only be given for students who complete a FULL YEAR of service from September through August.

Eucharistic Ministry

This special service is available to Catholic, Confirmed 8th grade students only. Eucharistic ministers assist at school, family, and special Masses throughout the school year. Student Eucharistic Ministry is coordinated by lector and parishioner, Roberta Beach, and through Mr. Miller and Holy Name School.

Students will be responsible for volunteering their time at school Masses during weekdays and at Sunday Family Masses through their remaining time at Holy Name School. A schedule will be made available for them to sign-up for a Sunday Family Mass and as to when they will be scheduled for their Monday school Mass.

Eucharistic Ministers will be encouraged to continue their ministry after they become school alumni as well if they wish.