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School Counseling

School Counseling Program

Overview: The goal of our counseling program is to serve all students to foster a positive classroom and school climate. Our school counselors provide education, prevention, and intervention services aimed at enhancing students’ social-emotional development and academic success.

Program & Services:

  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL): Our elementary and junior high school counselors deliver the research-based program- Second Step. The weekly classroom lessons and activities are designed to strengthen social-emotional skills such as growth-mindset, emotion management, empathy & kindness, problem-solving, and bullying prevention.
  • Small Group Counseling: lunch bunch groups for junior high students covering topics such as welcoming new students, adjusting to junior high, managing stress, study skills, building social-skills and friendships.
  • Individual Counseling: the counselors are available to meet one-on-one with students for short term counseling. Referrals may be made for long-term outside therapy and support.
  • Consultation & Collaboration: the counselors consult and collaborate with school staff, parents, and outside professionals to support student success as needed.
  • Parent/Guardian Consultations: counselors are available to consult with parents to discuss their child’s individual needs or concerns.
How Are Students Referred for Counseling?

Parents, students, and/or school staff may request or refer students for counseling. Parent permission is required for students to meet ongoing with a counselor.

Counselors’ Hours & Contact information:

Mimi Pratt (K-5)Jennifer Corry (Junior High)
Monday, Wednesday, FridayMonday, Tuesday, Thursday