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Student Council

Holy Name Student Council

Responsibilities, Requirements and Eligibility

Executive Commissioner : Conducts student government meetings, is responsible for coordinating all Student Council activities and sees that all Commissioners perform their duties effectively.

Assistant Executive Commissioner : Works closely with the Executive Commissioner in overseeing duties.

Communication Commissioner : Responsible for taking notes at Student Council meetings, writes letters when necessary. Requires strong communication skills and computer literacy.

Fundraising Commissioner : Initiates and coordinates fundraising events. Makes posters for Student Council sponsored fundraisers.

Sports Commissioner : (1 Boys and 1 Girls) Responsible for coordinating support of the boy’s and girl’s sports teams, including rallies before tournaments.

Spirit and Social Commissioner : Promotes friendly spirit among student body; responsible for helping to organize school rallies, Talent Show, Grandparent’s Day and Catholic Schools Week.

Apostolic Commissioner : Promotes spirit of community service through coordinating projects and helps with Catholic Schools Week and Spirit Mass. Student is responsible for leading prayer before school and on Holy Name Television. Student should be a practicing Catholic.

School Service Commissioner : Coordinates projects for helping around the school as needed-an example being yard clean up projects.

Technology Commissioner : Student will help with Holy Name Television on a monthly basis as well as special Holy Name segments. Student will also help with other technological aspects of Holy Name School. Requires strong computer skills.

Requirements The Student Council is open to students who will be in grades 6-8 the following school year. Grades in Academic subjects during the last year must average a B or higher with no grade below a C. Grades in Conduct and Effort must be a minimum of a 2 in all areas. Students should demonstrate leadership and initiative. They should be responsible, reliable and hardworking. Students need to be available for one weekly meeting before school. Day of week to be identified at a later time. Executive Commissioner and Assistant Executive Commissioner are only open to 8th grade students. The student running for Executive Commissioner who receives the 2nd highest number of votes will hold the office of Assistant Executive Commissioner. Fundraising Commissioner, Sports Commissioner and Technology Commissioner are only open to students in 7th and 8th grades. Upon election, any officer whose grade falls below C- in any academic area, or below 2 in Effort or Conduct, will be placed on probation until the next progress report or report card period, whichever comes first. If grades do not improve for a second report period, the Student Council member may be required to forfeit the office. Any officer found guilty of academic dishonesty must forfeit his/her office immediately.